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INGREDIENTS: Juniper, Iris rosebuds, Mediceo Lemon, NO SUGAR

ALCOHOL: Vol. 43% superior quality Italian grain alcohol which ensures greater elegance and smoothness.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: Ambient temperature
STORAGE: The liqueur is subject to natural evaporation so should be kept in a closed container,

away from heat sources, and in a cool, dark, dry, well ventilated place.

EXPIRY: No expiry date if storage recommendations are strictly observed.

BOTTLE: 500 ml screw cap. Height: 20.7 cm, Circumference: 80.5 cm, Weight: 1.12 kg

Code EAN 8033028740049 n CARTONS: x 6 bottles

CONFORMITY: Complies with EC Reg. n. 787/2019 ALLERGENS (Annex III bis Directives 2000/13/CE and 2003/89/CE). Does not contain any allergens.

GMOs: Compiles with EEC Regulations 1829/2003 and 1830/2003. The product is not GMO, does not consist of or contain GMOs, is not produced from GMOs, or does not contain ingredients produced from GMOs.


Traditional Tuscan Gin with an elegant and decisive character and classic qualities and aroma of London Dry Gin. The intense balsamic note of juniper, surrounded by the floral notes of iris and rosebuds, is immediately refreshed by a hint of the MEDICEO LEMON.
Subtle alcohol notes and a pleasant aftertaste makes GIN IRIS unforgettable and unique.

Gin Iris

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