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INGREDIENTS: Acqua di Toscana San Felice, Rhubarb, Cinchona, Cloves, Licorice

ALCOHOL: Volume 30% produced from superior quality Italian grains which ensures greater elegance and smoothness.

SUGAR: Sugar content 24%. The difference lies in the refinement of the granule, which dissolves quickly without residues, giving a sensation of greater balance to the palate.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: A cool temperature around 4 °C is recommended.
STORAGE: The liqueur is subject to natural evaporation so should be kept in a closed container,

away from heat sources, and in a cool, dark, dry, well ventilated place.

EXPIRY: No expiry date if storage recommendations are strictly observed.

BOTTLE: 500ml.Screwcap.Height:20.7cm,Circumference:80.5cm,Weight:1.12kg

CODE: EAN 8033028741343 n. CARTONS x 6 bottles

CONFORMITY: Complies with EC Reg. n. 787/2019. ALLERGENS (Annex III bis Directives 2000/13/CE and 2003/89/CE): Does not contain any allergens.

GMOs (EEC Regulations 1829/2003 and 1830/2003): The product is non GMO, does not consist of or contain GMOs, is not produced from GMOs, and does not contain ingredients produced from GMOs.


Balanced and complex, rich and aromatic full bodied flavour. Aftertaste of mint, bittersweet, with intense notes of rhubarb and cinchona. Complex spicy notes remain in the mouth. The hint of licorice characterizes the finish and determines the natural color of the Amaro de Medici.


Amaro de' Medici

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